Two Science Kids Cody classes will be offered this March and April to launch our Science Saturday series.    Check out the offerings below and get a jump start on getting outside before the snow melts!



AGES 6-8

CODY- River Rangers: June 5-7 • Time: 8:30am - 1:30pm • Cost: $85

Explore the wild areas in and around the Shoshone River. See how it flows through woods, meadows, fields and towns. Discover the animals that live near and IN the water. Look for insects, fish and plants that make the river and riparian areas healthy. And, after exploring the river from the bank, get a little wet n’ wild IN the river with fly fishing and fly casting on the Shoshone River. Enjoy discovering a wonderful part of your Cody community. Become a real River Ranger, and earn a badge to prove it!  Lead Instructor: Dean Olenik, M.S. Assistant to the Instructor: Meredith Zajac.

AGES 6-8

CODY- Young Naturalists: July 10-12 • Time: 8:30am - 1:30pm • Cost: $85

Discover who lives in a pond, or in the sagebrush.  Ask why?  Explore your place in the food web.  Identify plant and animal species and learn about some of their special relationships. Journey through the world of natural discoveries by observing and finding clues animals and plants have left behind. Listen, see, feel, smell, and even taste nature. By the end of the class, you’ll be NUTS FOR NATURE and will see everything, even your own backyard, in a new way. Lead Instructor: Jenny DeSarro, M.A. Assistant to the Instructor:  Meredith Zajac.

AGES 9-12

CODY- The Heart of the Mountain: June 12-14 • Time: 8:30am - 2:30pm • Cost: $85

Find the Heart of the Mountain in this exciting class. Travel through time and explore the geology, human history, and biology surrounding Heart Mountain. Visit teepee rings made by indigenous people, explore log cabins, investigate and observe animals living both in and on the mountain, and take the journey of a lifetime to the top of Heart Mountain!  Explorers will join Susie Smith in an energetic and educational trip onto a well-known landmark in the Big Horn Basin. Lead Instructor: Susie Smith, M.S. Assistant to the Instructor: Larry Oliveria. Class Host: The Nature Conservancy.

AGES 9-12

CODY- Dynamic Duo: Fossil-mania and Talking Rocks: June 19-22 • Time: 8:30am - 2:30pm • Cost: $105

During the first two days dig deep into the past with Mr. O by unearthing rocks and fossils found in the Big Horn Basin. Study dino tracks, tour a fossil museum, visit an active Jurassic dino dig site and bring something special home to share with your fiends and family. In the last two days learn the ABC’s of rock identification with Justin. Travel throughout the region to discover the geologic processes that formed it. Explore the Greater Yellowstone Area (Chief Joseph Pass and Yellowstone National Park) through the eyes of a geologist and come home with an amazing collection of rocks. Lead Instructors: Larry Oliveria and Justin Modroo, M.S., P. Geo. Assistant to the Instructor: Susie Smith, M.S. and John Morrison.


AGES 9-12

CODY- Field to Fork: July 17-20 • Time: 8:30am - 2:30pm • Cost: $105

Are you an adventurous eater? Combine food and adventure and take it to the next level. Become a food-ologist (food scientist) and pick veggies from a local vegetable farm, gather fruit from orchards, visit honey-producing bees, and travel to farms where sheep and cattle live. All the while, discovering the connections between farming, agriculture, the environment, and the people of the Big Horn Basin. Gather food samples during the week and learn about the culture of food and healthy living. See where food begins and how it’s processed, before it arrives on your table. The adventure culminates when Chef Jake Scott helps each student become a Junior Chef by preparing a wonderful meal for parents using the food gathered throughout the week. As parents are served share with them how food goes from field to fork. Lead Instructor: Catharine Reinitz, Ph.D. Assistant to the Instructor: Meredith Zajac.

AGES 9-12

CODY- What Moves You!: July 5-7 • Time: 8:30am - 2:30pm • Cost: $85

Did you know that Cody is spinning at 740 miles per hour? Discover the secrets of physics and how to use it in your every day life. Learn the power of gears, levers, pulleys and bearings to make life easier and faster – all using fun, scientific experiments. Unlock the mysteries of gravity, buoyancy and air pressure while riding a bike and getting wet in Beck Lake. Don’t miss the fun of learning physical science during this energetic and fast-paced class. The week will end with a special tour INSIDE the dam, where you will see all of the mysteries of physics at work. Lead Instructor: Charlie Yates, P.E. Assistant to the Instructor: Molly Potas, M.A.

AGES 9-12

CODY- Winged Wisdom: July 31-August 3 • Time: 8:30am - 2:30pm • Cost: $105

Learn about birds and the fascinating sagebrush-steppe environment in this four-day class. Hear from a live raptor expert what unique characteristics make a bird a bird, and why they do what they do. Travel behind-the-scenes for a tour of live raptors. Head into sagebrush country with Audubon bird specialists to identify birds and try your hand at bird-band. Hold live birds and participate in ongoing research. Explore more secrets of the sagebrush-steppe with Dr. Charles Preston by observing birds of prey in their natural environment.  Discover nest sites, examine prey remains, and learn how birds of prey like hawks, eagles, owls and falcons survive in harsh environments and have become some of the top predators in the animal kingdom. Discover your wise-winged friends in a whole new way! Lead Instructors: Charles Preston, Ph.D., Zach Hutchinson and Melissa Hill. Assitant to the Instructor: Larry Oliveria. Class Host: Buffalo Bill Center of the West, Draper Natural History Museum, and Audubon Rockies.

AGES 12-14

CODY- Nature In Focus: June 26-30 • Time: 8:30am - 3:30pm • Cost: $125

Set out on a photographic journey during this one-of-a-kind class. Young visionaries will work with Ennis, MT photography expert, Ken W. Hall, to experience and learn the art of seeing and photographing our natural world using all your senses. You will learn to scout for the best shots, and how to best utilize lighting, angles, gear and more. And that’s not all: Students will take all photographs using digital cameras, tripods and camera cases provided by Mr. Hall! Explorers will venture far and wide to find the best outdoor photography the Big Horn Basin has to offer. Weather and time permitting, students will photograph the wild mustangs, the flora and fauna of Heart Mountain, Chief Joseph Pass,and areas surrounding Yellowstone National Park. The end of the course will culminate in a surprise for students and parents. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity! Lead Instructor: Ken W. Hall. Assistant to the Instructor: Larry Oliveria.