Tuition includes all materials.  Your child just needs to come dressed for adventure* and outfitted with snack, lunch, water bottle, hat and sunscreen.

*Students need to dress appropriately for outdoor activities: clothing that can get a bit dirty, footwear that can get wet and an extra layer for changes in the weather.  No flip-flops please!

Classes have wrapped up for the season.  Stay tuned, in March 2019 our new slate of summer courses comes online!


Science Kids offers scholarships based on financial need. Download your application HERE.


Cody CAN is ALSO offering needs-based sponsorships to 4th-8th grade members to participate in Science Kids!

The funding to support these sponsorships is provided solely by Cody CAN.
• CAN membership is required.
• Sponsorships will be based on financial need (documentation of income may be requested).
• Each application will be examined individually and no guarantees of acceptance will be given.
• All sponsorships and related material will be completely confidential.
• A separate application is required for each desired activity.
• A maximum of one sponsorship will be granted per individual per year.
• An application form (link below) must be completed. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


AGES 6-8

CODY- Audubon Adventures: June 4-5, 2018 • Time: 8:30am - 1:30pm • Cost: $65

Have you ever seen the flash of reddish-brown on the chest of robins, woken to the chatter of sparrows or heard the constant cooing of a dove? Grab your binoculars and get ready to learn about birds. What makes a bird a bird, why do they do the things they do, and where do we find them in the Cody area? Notice their markings and commit their calls to memory. Study birds in the field by capturing, holding, and banding live birds. Congratulations, after completing the class you will become an official junior bird scientist.

Lead Instructor: Zach Hutchinson. Assistant Instructor/Driver: Larry Oliveria.


AGES 6-8

CODY- Creeks and Critters: June 18-20, 2018 • Time: 8:30am - 1:30pm • Cost: $85

Explore the wet and wild areas in and around Cody.  Get wet searching for and learning about the animals that live in nearby riparian areas. Not only will you look for animals that live near the water, you will also look IN the water for macro-invertebrates.  These are insects that begin their life underwater.  Complete a field journal, record findings, perform scientific experiments and have fun getting to know the smallest members of your Cody community. Lead Instructor: Susie Smith, M.S. Assistant Instructor: Teresa Decker, M.S. Driver: Larry Oliveria.


AGES 9-12

CODY- River Rangers: May 28-30 • Time: 8:30am - 2:30pm • Cost: $85

Explore the wet and wild areas in and around the Shoshone River. Discover the animals that live near and in the water. Look for insects, fish and plants that make the river and riparian areas healthy. After exploring the river from the bank, why not tie a fly or two, learn to cast a fly rod, and catch a big Shoshone River fish? Enjoy discovering the Shoshone River, a wonderful part of our Cody community, and become a real River Ranger. You might even earn a badge to prove it!  Lead Instructor: Dean Olenik, M.S. Assistant Instructor/Driver: Meredith Zajac.


AGES 9-12

CODY- Heart of the Mountain: June 11-14 • Time: 8:30am - 2:30pm • Cost: $105

Find the Heart of the Mountain in this exciting class. Travel through time and explore the native archeology and human history surrounding Heart Mountain. Visit teepee rings made by indigenous people. Explore the native archeology of Heart Mountain both on site and at the Plains Indian Museum at the Center of the West. Follow in the footsteps of Native Americans of long ago to the top of Heart Mountain. Discover how the native peoples used the valuable water resource of Newton Lake and have some fun stand-up paddle boarding in the shadow of the mountain. Explorers will join Susie Smith and The Nature Conservancy in an energetic and educational trip journeying back in time and into the heart of the mountain.

Lead Instructor: Susie Smith, M.S. Assistant Instructor: Teresa Decker, M.S. Driver: Larry Oliveria.


AGES 9-12

CODY- Monarchs of the Skies: June 25-28 • Time: 8:30am - 2:30pm • Cost: $105

Discover the wonders of Wyoming’s sagebrush wilderness in your own backyard!  The Bighorn Basin includes one of the last, large, intact, sagebrush-steppe landscapes left in North America.  It’s powerful “monarch”, or top predator, is the golden eagle — the subject of the Draper Natural History Museum’s new exhibition.  Explore sagebrush country through the eyes of the eagle.  You will see a live eagle up close, visit an active eagle’s nest, help us survey for other predators, like foxes, coyotes, and bobcats and discover how they hunt and what they eat.  You will also visit an ancient archaeological site where the earliest Native Americans left images carved into stone to convey their ideas and beliefs. You will discover how the golden eagle was important to these early Native Americans and how that importance carries on in their culture today.

Lead Instructors: Dr. Charles Preston, Ph.D., Bonnie Smith, B.A., Cory Anco, M.Sc., & Melissa Hill, B.S. Assistant to the Instructors/Drivers: Larry Oliveria and Meredith Zajac.


AGES 9-12

CODY- Tracks, Scat and Signs: July 16-18 • Time: 8:30am - 2:30pm • Cost: $85

Black bear or grizzly? Wildlife tracking is an ancient art that was once essential to survival. We now have sturdy homes and grocery stores, but many people track for the joy of discovery and to connect nature with our lives and our ancestors. Tracks, scat, and signs are the focus of this course that will change the way you walk in the outdoors. We’ll follow tracks along the sandy shores of the Shoshone River, determine which animals passed by and discover what they were doing. Was it a coyote cruising through its territory or chasing prey? How does an otter mark its territory? Make molds of tracks using plaster of Paris and river water. Leave with skills and a list of supplies to make a tracking kit of your own!

Lead Instructor: Julie Seyfert Lillis, M.A. Assistant Instructor/Driver: Meredith Zajac.


AGES 9-12

CODY- Field to Fork: July 23-26 • Time: 8:30am - 2:30pm • Cost: $105

Are you an adventurous eater? Combine food and adventure and take it to the next level. Become a food-ologist (food scientist) and pick veggies from a local farm, gather fruit from orchards, visit honey-producing bees, travel to ranches where sheep and cattle live, make cheese. All the while discover the connections between farming, agriculture, the environment, and the people of the Big Horn Basin. Jump on the bus and hunt and gather for food while learning about culture and healthy living. The course culminates with local Chef Jake Scott directing the students in preparing a wonderful, healthy meal using the food gathered throughout the week. Impress your parents and show them how food goes from field to fork!

Lead Instructor: Catharine Reinitz, Ph.D. Assistant Instructor/Driver: Meredith Zajac. Special Guests: Chef Jake Scott and Porter Koury.

Image 7.jpeg

AGES 9-12

CODY- Rocks, Fossils and Fun: July 31-August 2 • Time: 8:30am - 2:30pm • Cost: $85

Dig deep into the past by exploring rocks and fossils found in the Big Horn Basin. Explore our most ancient inhabitants of the Basin: Dinosaurs! Study dino tracks and tour a fossil museum. Plus, explore the Greater Yellowstone area by visiting Yellowstone National Park. Learn about the powerful geologic forces at work and see Yellowstone with an entirely new set of eyes.

Lead Instructor: Larry Oliveria. Assistant Instructor: Susie Smith, M.S. Teaching Assistants: Ian Parsons and Meredith Zajac.


AGES 11-14

CODY- Nature in Focus: July 9-12 • Time: 8:30am - 3:30pm • Cost: $105

Set out on a photographic journey in this one-of-a-kind class. Young explorers learn the art of seeing and photographing the natural world using all senses. Learn how to scout for the best shots and best utilize lighting, angles, gear and more. You will venture out to photograph Heart Mountain, Chief Joseph Pass, the Shoshone National Forest, wild mustangs and more. Upload and edit photos at the end of each day using Photoshop. The course will culminate with a reception for students and parents in the Draper Natural History Museum at the Center of the West where students will showcase their week’s work.

Lead Instructor: Erika Quick, M.S. and Mack Frost. Assistant Instructor: Meredith Zajac. Driver: Larry Oliveria.