Tuition includes all materials.  Your child just needs to come dressed for adventure* and outfitted with snack, lunch, water bottle, hat and sunscreen.

*Students need to dress appropriately for outdoor activities: clothing that can get a bit dirty, footwear that can get wet and an extra layer for changes in the weather.  No flip-flops please!

Unless otherwise indicated, pick up/drop off for Sheridan classes is at the Sheridan Fulmer Public Library.

Registration is open!


Science Kids offers scholarships based on financial need. Download your application HERE

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AGES 6-8

SHERIDAN- Creeks and Critters:  July 15-18  Time: 8:00am –1:00 pm  Cost: $105

Explore the wet and wild areas in and around Sheridan. We will search for and learn about the animals that live near these riparian areas. Not only will we look for animals that live near the water, we will also look IN the water for macroinvertebrates. These are insects that begin their life underwater. Students will complete a field journal, record their findings and perform scientific experiments. Instructor: Emily Emond, M.S. Sponsored by: Anne Pendergast.

AGES 6-8

SHERIDAN- Squirrel Tales and Fish Stories: July 22, 23 Time: 8:00 am – 1:00 pm Cost: $65

Come join the University of Wyoming’s Berry Biodiversity Institute staff as we explore how animals and plants affect their habitats. We’ll be learning all about the animals that live in our forests and prairies, and what scientists know about them. We’ll also be splashing in the water as we investigate how aquatic systems work and are studied. These two days will be jam-packed with fun and instructive activities! Instructor/Sponsor: University of Wyoming Berry Biodiversity Institute Staff.

AGES 6-8

SHERIDAN- Audubon Adventures: July 29, 30 Time: 8:00 am – 1:00 pm • Cost: $65   

Get ready to learn all about birds in this two-day camp. What makes a bird a bird, why do they do the things they do, and where can we find them in the Big Horns? Let’s explore these questions and more while we learn how scientists study birds in the field. One special activity will be bird-banding, where students will get to hold live birds and participate in ongoing research. Get an up-close experience with local birds and be a citizen scientist! Instructors: Jacelyn and Dusty Downey, Audubon Rockies Community Naturalists. Sponsored by: Audubon Rockies.

AGES 9-12

SHERIDAN- The Art of Birding: June 10-13 Time: 8:00 am – 2:00 pm • Cost: $105

We’re headed out to explore the world of ornithology- the study of birds, beautiful birds. What are they, where are they, what are they doing? We will learn how to identify birds from all kinds of cues: color, song, behavior and habitat. Not only are we going to be scientists, but we’ll venture into art as well. The second part of each day will be exploring fine art techniques as a way to add to our knowledge of birds and our days in the field. Instructors: Julie Rieder, M.S., Ph.D., Elaine Henry, B.F.A.,M.F.A. Sponsored by: The Anderson Family Charitable Fund.

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Ages 9-12   

SHERIDAN- What Moves You? June 17-19 Time: 8:00 am – 1:00 pm • Cost: $85

Did you know that Sheridan is spinning at 740 miles per hour? Discover the secrets of Physics and how we use it to make our lives easier and faster. Use the power of gears, levers, bearings and pulleys to do AMAZING things, and design your own simple machines! Unlock the mysteries of gravity, buoyancy, and aerodynamics, and use magnetism to navigate Planet Earth. Physics is all around us...let’s get our there and grow our brains! Instructor: Kelsey Ferguson. Sponsored by: Maureen Golden and Rick Campbell.


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AGES 9-12

SHERIDAN- Bug Out: June 24-27 Time: 8:00 am – 1:00 pm • Cost: $105

Bugs are everywhere, we just have to look for them! Spend a week identifying insects and other invertebrates, and find out the many wonderful and wacky things they do, many of which are helpful to humans. You’ll use a variety of tools to learn how insects are adapted to the Wyoming environment, and even start your own bug collection. A fun experience for the aspiring entomologist! Instructor: Emily Emond, M.S. Sponsored by: Nan Thorne Fogel and The Thorne Family.

Young Explorer.jpeg

AGES 9-12

SHERIDAN-Young Explorers: July 8-10 Time: 8:00 am – 1:30 pm • Cost: $85   

Join Sheridan Community Land Trust for three great days where you’ll discover the amazing wildlife, ranching traditions, history, recreation, and more that makes your backyard the best place to live and learn. Day 1- A Day at the Rosebud: The Rosebud Battle is a much-overlooked chapter in our history, and the site is only an hour away. We’ll spend the day exploring the Archeology and History of the Rosebud from the Native perspective. Day 2- Down on the Farm: Where does our food come from? Let’s find out by going behind the scenes on a local farm! We’ll head out to meet the animals, and learn first-hand about local agriculture. Day 3- Paddle Power: Learn the basics of canoeing! Once you’ve got the hang of it, there will be plenty of time to explore while learning about the fish, turtles, salamanders, snails and more that depend on clean water to survive. Instructors: Bill Yellowtail, Theresa Shaw, and SCLT Staff. Sponsored by: Sheridan Community Land Trust.


AGES 9-12

SHERIDAN-Garden Gnomes: Fridays, June-August Time: 8:30 am – 11:00 am • Cost: $150

Garden all summer with this fun and educational class! Each pair of students will have their own raised bed to tend in the beautiful Brinton Museum garden. In early April, kids will plant their own seeds, which will be grown in the Brinton greenhouse, then transplanted into their beds. Then, every other Friday in June, every Friday in July and some Fridays in August, students will learn about a particular aspect of gardening, like seed germination, pollination and soil composition before heading out to dig in the dirt. By the end of the summer, you’ll have an expert gardener in the family! Students are welcome to harvest in August and September on their own. Instructor: Linda Sutphin, M.A. Sponsored by: The Brinton Museum and Rooted in Wyoming.